Friday, February 16, 2018

Mobile Edge Corporate Briefcase... Reviewed!

Always an honor to review products directly from the showroom floor... but I won't get all mushy on you, let's just dive in! Opening the box, I knew we were receiving a product from Mobile Edge... I just didn't know which one in particular. Regardless, I was excited to find out. Opening up the box, the bag was wrapped in some durable plastic... which I appreciated and I hope they maintain this because you never know where a package is going or when it will rain.

After taking the bag out of the plastic, it's safe to say that I will gear this product review to those of you interested in getting your hands on a new briefcase. Since this is SDGT Entertainment, gaming will be included in one way or another... so stay tuned because this briefcase might be for you, whether you're in business, a student or a superhero who needs to blend in.

Right off the bat, you see the three compartments in the front of this MOBILE EDGE... Graphite Corporate Briefcase. The first horizontal compartment has two sleeves for pens... which is great for those of us who own drawing tablets or anyone else who may want a place for other writing/drawing utensils. The other two compartments you see don't have those sleeves (which is okay), but that space comes in handy for things like your phone, AC adapters, cables, etc. Just above these compartments is a quick access pocket with nice soft material that should serve well for your pocket change, keys and things like that... so you don't have to worry about digging in your pocket for certain things when on the go (i.e. emptying your pockets at the airport).

Going back to the compartment that holds the pens... I like that it's separate because I've had experiences where a pen would break and I'd get a horrible surprise (some of you know exactly what I mean).

Opening this briefcase up, I immediately felt the quality of the product... both inside and out. It feels nice and... you know how you can just feel something and tell that it's durable? That immediately came to mind when I took it out of the plastic, but I found out why. The briefcase has a 1680D Ballistic Nylon exterior which is heavy duty and resistant to things like... abrasions. To give you a better idea of what this is, you can find this material used for tool belts, heavy duty protective covers, safety jackets and things like that.

The interior you see below feels like it should protect the interior from outside liquids spilling and possibly causing damage. I appreciate the added level of protection, but not only that... take a look at the front and back compartments of the interior:

The front compartment has an info slot... which is always a plus in hopes that someone does right by your property in that scary situation of it being misplaced. This is something I've come to expect out of products like this, but not the memory storage... that was a pleasant surprise.

The front compartment allows you to safely store two SD Cards and two memory sticks, instead of them just being tossed anywhere for transport... there's an actual designated spot. This memory slot pouch also doubles as an additional pocket in front of 3 additional pockets (see the card sticking out?). If you look across, you also have two big mesh pockets in this compartment... so you have a good amount of storage so far, but there's more.

The back compartment is a zip-down workstation with two big pockets... which are areas for additional storage and... an accordion file section to keep files and documents neat. For some of us, this might be used for strategy guides, comic books, and sketch pads also. It's a nice touch because at times papers and/or files are placed with other contents and they get bent up or crumpled to a degree. When I think professional a level of neatness comes to mind... and this briefcase has enough to keep things together well.


The first thing I notice about the multi-purpose compartment is that its spacious. It stores up to a 16" laptop in the center section (which is common)... but it also has room for an ultrabook and a tablet in the side sections with straps that keep these devices in place. Of course, I had to try it out, so take a look at... the image below this image.

As you see I have a tablet with an added keyboard attachment inside a case (shout out to the Saints Row fans), and a 360 laptop in the center section... with room to actually place two identical laptops in this area. I probably wouldn't chance them clapping together, but I want to give you an idea of the space. I don't like playing tug of war with an imaginary friend at the airport or on a plane while trying to get my laptop out of a case... so I always appreciate a roomy laptop compartment. The velcro on the padded handle is also a nice touch, I don't have to worry about keeping the handles together or unbuckling a strap... you just pull them apart.

I had to tuck gaming in somewhere (literally)... and as you see below, I was able to place a game controller and gaming headset into one of the side sections. So instead of an ultrabook... I was able to comfortably place these peripherals in this area. These would be my go to items for travel along with a laptop, but this area would also work well for external hard drives and other things that fit.

I appreciate that this briefcase is floor-ready because some lack this feature (usually found on hardshell models) like an old one I have that has to be leaned against something. Even when it leaned against a chair in the airport, depending on the type of flooring they have it will usually end up laying on the ground which is annoying. I'd probably be paranoid that this briefcase will fall over regardless... but it hasn't fallen over when I tested it out (and I pushed it slightly from both sides to test it out, still didn't fall over).

On the back of the briefcase... you will find a trolley strap... which is a plus that should come in handy for any professional seeking or required to travel because it connects to your rolling luggage with no need to carry it separately (for those unfamiliar with trolley straps). You might shrug your shoulders if you don't see the value in them, but having this little feature comes in handy whether you're making your way to a plane, train, ship or elsewhere. There are some huge airports that require a crap load of walking, factor in the additional walking through the hotel, down the street or anywhere else you want or have to go and... this little feature is something to rejoice.
The back compartment of the briefcase would've been great in front when connected to your luggage because it would've been like a mobile workstation to get some paperwork done, but the front compartment also folds down... if you want to use it in a similar fashion.

What you also get with this briefcase is a wide padded shoulder strap (seen below). Like the briefcase, this is also very durable... and has a slight curve in the shoulder pad so you aren't walking around taking a pad to the neck. I bring that up because trips aren't always a short duration so the comfort is there when it counts... and I'd expect no less from a business-grade briefcase.

Pricewise you can get this briefcase for less than $90... which is solid, especially compared to other products. I understand why some cost more (like the leather, metal and other hardshell types)... but the quality and features don't always have to be on the expensive end (and all don't have the features this briefcase has).

Mobile Edge added more than enough features to make this a nice briefcase for travel and for business... so that everything isn't crammed in the same sections. There are businessmen and women who prefer a more sleek look (which they're entitled too), and Mobile Edge has you covered with the Graphite Nylon Briefcase... so check out the reviewed product and the other options here.

Overall, the Mobile Edge Graphite Corporate Briefcase is a durable product with the right features, a lifetime warranty, and a good price. These aren't just features, they're fitting for business, travel and if you really wanted to... you can slip in the right sized game console + an ultrabook. I say that to say the features can get the job.

Product Design 5
Product Quality 5
Functionality 5
Accessories 5
Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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This product was sent to SDGT Entertainment by the Mobile Edge team.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

SpellForce 3... reviewed!

SpellForce 3 reminds me of why I'm a fan of RTS games, but it also reminds me of why they're frustrating as hell... sometimes.

Variety is what we generally try to present to you, which means we don't always get to play some of our favorite genre's... so getting back around to an RTS like SpellForce 3 was like "YES!" (for me). This is actually the first time I've ever played a game from the SpellForce franchise, but doing reviews has gotten me to put my stubbornness aside that required me to play previous installments first. That said... SpellForce 3 actually takes place before the first installment (about 500 years or so before the convocation) so that's cool and if I decide to backtrack... it would basically be moving ahead in the story. SpellForce: The Order of Dawn (the first game) took place after the convocation, followed by the second installment that took place a few centuries after the convocation... which is the central apocalyptic event in the SpellForce universe.

It was a ritual done by the Circle Mages that devastated the world. Yikes!

(Anyway) I do recommend playing "Scenario: Old-Haalayash" before jumping into the main SpellForce 3 campaign. This particular scenario plays out before the events of the main campaign, which definitely played on my stubborn side. The option to at least get up to speed with this mission... (versus reading or watching what happened prior) could not be ignored. Not only that, if you're a noob, you need to shake the rust off or you need to learn the user interface of this game... this mission is perfect. The initial missions of the main game get you up to speed as far as learning how to play, but you get backstory and experience in this scenario. So I recommend starting here... even if you can't transfer that experience or the items over to the main game.

Here is gameplay of the full mission (broken up due to size), which leaves the main campaign unseen for those of you looking to get the game.

SpellForce 3 places you in the shoes of the Betrayer's Child... which its probably safe to assume that no one would want to be known as... in real life. You can choose the name, sex and appearance of this character (to a degree) before starting his or her journey. This is a nice touch, though I would've preferred something a bit more custom... its better than nothing. Your father/the betrayer is known as... Isamo Tahar, a mage rebel. He convinced several Royal Houses of Northander to turn against the Queen to join forces with him... in hopes to put an end to the persecution and discrimination of mages in Northander. You happened to be saved from execution by the commander of a Royal Army elite unit, General Sentenza Noria... which lands you on the side of the Royal Army where you begin your playable journey just after the end of the wars.

The playable adventure itself involves you setting out to find who or what is behind something known as Bloodburn (that looks like a plague) decimating parts of Nortander. During your journey, you will meet new characters and factions to join forces as you dive deeper into the story. I won't be going into detail about that, but I will say that (for me) the story is pretty good... and it flows well.

SpellForce 3 is a real-time strategy/role-playing game, but... it also has something for fans of base building. I like when hybrids hit it out of the park, and this game is almost the perfect blend.

The base building comes into play when you're taking on the opposition, so it's not something you'll be stuck doing all the time. It's a nice touch though... just be prepared to race against the clock in order to get your base prepared for on-coming attacks when battling some enemies; you also have to build your offense to take care of that threat at its source via a tried and true Click 'n Fight system.

You have a variety of characters at your disposal once they join your squad, just make sure that you take advantage of the fact that you have variety. Equip them with the right weapons to make sure you can bring the hand to hand combat + ranged attack options. Not only that... make sure you take advantage of the skill tree to have a full circle of ability during your adventure... so that you can bring the pain and the healing. Trust me, you'll need it.

These battles can really feel like overwhelming tasks at times (to the degree of "WTF?! Is this even beatable?!" as you increase the difficulty) but stick to it... even if you have to save your progress in the middle of the battle based on you reaching strong momentum in battle just in case it goes left. My frustration came from not being able to zoom out and collectively see the areas all my soldiers were located. That's something I appreciated about the RTS game... RUSE. Don't get me wrong, you can zoom out to a nice extent, but not as much as I'd prefer because I'd like to see what's going on and act accordingly. You can click on the map to see that location or scroll to that location, but a zoom similar to RUSE would've been a plus. Also the ability to lock the camera onto selected characters.

I think zooming may have been limited due to the level of detail this game has... I mean the environments are beautiful in SpellForce 3. I found myself just zooming in and out to appreciate the work the developers put in at times, and I still do, to be honest. So visually they knock this game out of the park and the audio quality is awesome (minus hearing "We're being... attacked!" one too many times). Go up to the video above and really listen to the background music, the sounds in the environment, the voiceovers and of course the sounds of battle and other sound effects. Use quality speakers or headphones... and just listen, they really deliver in this game.

Outside of the single-player, you also have PvP multi-player action... as well as a co-op mode that I really look forward to trying out (aka I haven't played it yet). So replay value is here, which also comes by way of 39 Steam Achievements and the SpellForce 3 Editor allows you to create levels and so forth. Modders should be able to appreciate the mod tools... and I'm actually looking forward to seeing what is created.

Price wise... I don't have any complaints about the full retail price because you get a fully satisfying experience with depth by way of an RTS/RPG masterpiece that's actually worth it. Nuff said. I don't see anything fit to really be a con... but I will say that I'm not the biggest fan of rotating the camera in search of items in the environment. They're almost swallowed up by the detail in some locations, but just consider that as an added challenge since it doesn't make or break the game.

Overall, I think that SpellForce 3 is a force to be reckoned with in the RTS/RPG genre... and the man hours have been well spent because this is one beautiful looking adventure with a story packed with depth and audio I can appreciate.

Fun factor: 4

Visually: 5

Replay value: 5

Price: 5

"4.75 / 5 Cool Points"

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THQNordic provided SDGT Entertainment with a copy of SpellForce 3 to review.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018



LOS ANGELES, Calif., (February 1, 2017) – Internationally acclaimed DJ / producer Aviciihas relaunched his global hit music game GRAVITY in a massive HD-expansion, packed with brand new and boosted original content; boasting 16 hit Avicii tracks (including EP1, “Wake Me Up”, “Levels”, “Waiting For Love”, “Hey Brother”) boosted graphics, amplified game design and new worlds to explore. GRAVITY HD was created in collaboration with Hello There Games, the multi-award-winning Swedish game studio and Avicii (Tim Bergling). They have partnered on various projects since 2013, including the original Gravity and the revolutionary rhythm game INVECTOR for PS4. AVICII GRAVITY HD is free and available in the App Store and Google Play.

“The new GRAVITY stems from my love of gaming and my wanting to continue to create better and better music driven gaming experiences for my fans. GRAVITY HD lets you enter a sort of flow-like state while riding through perpetual, visually stunning environments inspired by my music, and allows you to have a blast no matter your skill level”, says Avicii.

This new expansion allows players to experience Avicii’s music in a captivating new way, with the player’s performance affecting how the superstar’s songs are played out. With the introduction of the new world, Meteor, and an expanded set of ships including Invector, the environment changes dynamically to reflect the player’s progress. Players can upgrade their ships and use a wide range of powers to further enhance their performance.

Pay what you want for great games!

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FTS: Shantae: Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition! - Goes Digital!

Valencia, Calif. – 1/31/2018— WayForward is pleased to announce
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Ultimate Edition (Digital Version)!

Name: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Ultimate Edition
Publisher/Developer: WayForward
Release Date: Available Spring - alongside retail versions
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam for Windows PC.
Players: Single Player
Price: $29.99 USD
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Ultimate Edition includes all of the previously released DLC (all heroes, modes, and costumes) in one incredible package! Also includes a new exclusive Blue Bathing Suit costume, for use in Beach Mode!
A massive collection that’s packed to the gills! Shantae Fans and newcomers alike will treasure this all-inclusive “Ultimate Edition” of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! 
In addition to the bevy of vivid, detailed high-definition graphics that made this newest entry in the Shantae series a fan-favorite, the Ultimate Edition includes even more modes, monsters, and platforming action! ‘Pirate Queen’s Quest’ allows players to take on the role of Shantae’s arch-nemesis, Risky Boots, in a whole new storyline! ‘Friends to the End’ features ethereal new levels and a special boss encounter as Shantae’s pals Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops enter her nightmare to try to save her from certain doom, while ‘Costume Pack’ provides three new arcade-style adventures – harness the power of the Ninja, Beach, and Officer costumes in these brand new side-stories!
Also included are previously unreleased bonuses - the Tinkerbat Transformation, Blue Shantae Costume, and Classic Risky Boots costume!
EXCLUSIVE BONUS COSTUME: Digital and retail copies of Ultimate Edition come with an exclusive extra Beach Mode costume you won’t find anywhere else - Shantae’s signature Blue Bathing Suit!
Game Features:
  • Shantae Mode – enjoy the main Shantae storyline, “Half-Genie Hero”
  • Hero Mode – get a head start with Shantae’s animal transformations already unlocked
  • Hard Core Mode  the tough-as-nails follow up to Shantae Mode for those craving a stiff challenge
  • Pirate Queen’s Quest – conquer Sequin Land as the nefarious pirate Risky Boots in an exciting new story!
  • Friends to the End – Swap between friends Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops to save Shantae from the Nightmare Realm!
  • Costume Pack – Side story modes with brand new gameplay: Wall jump in Ninja Mode, repel sunburn in Beach Mode, and take down Space Hooligans in Officer Mode!
  • Extras Gallery – Meet various conditions to unlock artwork in each game mode!
  • Hall of Fame – View artwork created by the most die-hard Shantae fans!
  • Tinkerbat Dance – Transform into a pirate and slash through foes!
  • Includes Blue Shantae Costume and Classic Risky Costume colors
  • Exclusive Bonus Costume  Blue Bathing Suit - for use in Beach Mode!

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FTS: Dragon's Crown Pro New Co-Op Trailer

     Form your party of four and venture together through the Kingdom of Hydeland in Dragon's Crown Pro Co-Op Trailer!

Have any combination of local couch co-op and online multiplayer 

IRVINE, Calif. -- Jan. 31, 2018 -- The adventure of Dragon's Crown Pro is not one that should be conquered alone. Demons, dragons, and wizards all stand in your way to victory, but you don't have to face these perils by yourself thanks to Dragon's Crown Pro's four-player co-op!

The best part: the co-op can be any combination of local couch co-op and online multiplayer. Whether it's three people on the old, crumb-dusted sofa teamed up with one player online or vice versa, you can all work together to defeat the minions and bosses littering the Kingdom of Hydeland. Protect your teammates while escaping from danger, and cook lavish meals to help increase your stats! Get a sneak preview of the multiplayer co-op in action in our latest trailer.

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