Friday, November 17, 2017

HITMAN SNIPER... reviewed!

Hello agents, thank you for checking out this quick review of... Hitman Sniper. Prepare for your next mission objectives, hit the field and get the job done in the most creative way possible to become the best hitman around.

In this game, you are still in the shoes of the ever-smooth Agent 47, but this time instead of getting up close and personal... you're taking aim as a sniper (hence the name, Hitman Sniper).

You not only have to concern yourself with obtaining a score to complete all mission objectives at times, you also have to take out the main target, get explosive kills, undetected kills and all that good stuff.

It's a perfect fit for mobile, allowing you to get in... play a mission and get out in very little time. This is a plus for parents and even students who want to game in between life's happenings. I recommend these sorts of games to adults who gamed at one point and don't feel as if they have the time to get back in. You don't need hours, grab something that only requires a few minutes to enjoy.

If you're familiar with Hitman, then you'll know that you will play in the same environment multiple times with different objectives. For those of you who think you may get annoyed by that... it's possible, but Hitman tends to deliver plenty of objectives, and in Hitman Sniper... you're busy focusing on the objectives and the clock so that concern might take a back seat. The challenge to complete these objectives comes into play when the AI of the NPC's is enhanced, which allows them to become suspicious, alarmed, etc... I like that a lot.

The visuals are pretty good, the audio is decent and there is a charming depth to this game that got my attention the first time I played it. I also like the way the user interface is set up... although there needs to be a simple "quit" option on the UI menu. Some phones don't always show the phone's default “Home” option to exit.

Replay value comes in the form of leaderboards and trying to see how you can top the competition... and you're also able to showcase those skills by uploading your gameplay to Twitter or Facebook. YouTube is listed as a video sharing option... but it doesn't work (at least for me).

You also get a mode in this game titled “Death Valley” where you take on the zombies while trying to protect people. I haven't had the pleasure of playing this mode because an error comes up while downloading for some reason. It could be the phone I'm reviewing, but we shall see. I'll update this once I can play it.

Cons are easily the gun prices. Developers (in this case Square Enix), if the in-game items cost way more than the damn game... that's a huge problem. "Gigantic problem aisle one, overpriced DLC!" You have a gun in this game for $49.99. Yeah... hell no, that's 1 or more different game purchases. Luckily you don't have to pay for these guns in order to gain access to other options, but I'd instead provide more game content with guns included. 

Overall, this is a pretty good game... delivering satisfying gameplay with nice visuals and audio. Outside of the DLC, I don't really have any complaints.

Fun factor: 5Visually: 4Replay value: 4Price: 5

"4.5 / 5 Cool Points"


"2 / 5 Cool Points"

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition... free!

There are dreams... and then there are Nightmare Editions! Get Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition before December 2, 2017 or kiss your free copy... goodbye.

Haha... after we've purchased HITMAN SNIPER for review, its free until November 17, 2017! 
So get it on Android and add the "SdgtEnt" sn... game on!

Meanwhile in the office.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

FTS: There was Dirt and now there is Gravel

Milan – November 7, 2017 –  Gravel, Milestone’s latest IP, is back with a new Dev Diary focused on the career mode developed around the Off-Road Masters, the annual TV show where the best riders in the world compete in races all over the planet, organized by the Gravel Channel, the extreme sports TV channel completely dedicated to off-roading.

The show’s season includes episodes which are made up of one or more races. Each competition is part of a specific discipline: the players will fight against the champion of that discipline, the so-called Off-Road Master, while they proceed in the career. Four champions for four disciplines, Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross and Stadium Circuit, and each champion mirrors the spirit of their discipline. Players will have to fight to defeat the Off-Road Masters and win their titles. Once the championship is over, players can take part in a definitive challenge to beat the reigning Off-Road Master of all disciplines in the Final League.

The second dev diary also offers an exclusive, in-depth look into the 4 disciplines, their design and the artistic studies beyond them. Cross Country tracks are set in huge areas with different layouts, for competing in checkpoint races where players have one chance to finish first: these races offer a unique adrenaline that cannot be repeated in the second lap. Racing on Wild Rush will be totally different: lap races in the wildest locations in the world, which combine all the adrenaline of the track with the feelings of driving in an open circuit. Speed Cross races are characterized by a combination of asphalt and dirt to increase competition: speed cross tracks are more narrow and technical and the gamer can show his skills in incredible jumps and chicanery. Last but not least, Stadium Circuit tracks, where dirt is the key element, designed for competitive and spectacular competitions. All circuits and tracks were created with a common goal: engage the players in the most memorable racing battle ever!

Gravel will be released on February, 27th 2018 on PS4, Xbox One®, the all-in-one games, and entertainment system and PC.

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FTS: FFXV Pocket Edition + Comics, Sex and Science

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 8, 2017) – Pre-registration for FINAL FANTASY® XV POCKET EDITION begins today on the Google Play Store, allowing fans with Android devices to receive up-to-date information on the game’s release when it launches on iPhone, iPad, Android devices this autumn and Windows 10 devices later this winter.

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION is an all-new adventure that retells the beloved story of FINAL FANTASY XV across ten thrilling episodes, giving fans and newcomers alike the freedom to journey through Eos whenever and from wherever they want. The mobile game features the main characters and story of the console version and FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION, with an adorable art style and casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices.

All ten episodes will be available at launch, with the first episode at no charge. Episodes 2 - 10 may be purchased individually or as a bundle—please see below for full pricing details.
Individual EpisodesAll Episodes
Ep 1FREE$19.99
Ep 2$0.99
Ep 3$0.99
Ep 4$3.99
Ep 5$3.99
Ep 6$3.99
Ep 7$3.99
Ep 8$3.99
Ep 9$3.99
Ep 10$3.99

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION will also support iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11.1 or later, select Android devices running on Android 5.0 or later.

Additional details on FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION are available here:

A new trailer highlighting the gameplay and art style of FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION released today in conjunction with the start of pre-registration. The trailer is available here:

Android players can pre-register for the game now at:


Grab this bundle here!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Game Bundle!

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SDGT Studio the Comic: Night of the Living Mannequins pt. 1

For some reason... in October, the Super Duper Gamer Team (SDGT for short) decided to hit the mall of all places to browse game controllers. It wasn't cold outside, they live in Florida so the cold front hadn't arrived yet (if one will arrive this year). RkRk & Yang convinced Luis and Blu to go, although both were reluctant. Luis was pissed off about his mom's dog chewing a hole in his shoe and Blu just didn't want to deal with the crowd.

SDGT hadn't even gotten out of the car yet and the debate was on, but food won them over. The debate was short lived as Yang cut the vehicle off. The fleeing coolness of the vehicle... welcomed the heat of the sun with open arms and no one wanted to enter the mall sweating, so they hopped out almost immediately.

We could've shopped online, but why not check out some in person? - Yang

That's cool but... did you guys really have to choose a time that would ensure that the mall would be packed times 2? - Blu

We have a greater chance of running into more gamer's when the mall is packed... don't you want to get some opinions on the street? - RkRk

We get it. Let's just get in here, I'm about to melt. - Luis D. Lucha

"Coupons, get your coupons!" said a teen girl with purple'sh blue hair. RkRk & Luis literally ran over to her knowing the coupons involved food because the girl had an apron on.

The girl looked relieved when they walked away, but Blu apologized for Luis. There was a crowd so Blu sort of... sighed, but continued to walk. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, the crowd was broken up into clusters. Some of the clusters could be found at select stores, and some were just... chilling out near waiting areas and this huge fountain that stood as a centerpiece. It was a 3 tier fountain that made the highly energized RkRk think of (wedding) cakes. At the top of the fountain, there was this big stone dolphin shooting water out of its mouth.

This fountain represented the center of the mall. South of the fountain was the main entrance, north of the fountain was the food court, east & west of the food court were almost a mirror image of competing businesses. Some of these stores sold clothing, some sold jewelry, technology, shoes and so forth. West is where SDGT wanted to go because the game store was in this location, two doors down from a sports store that appears as if it hadn't changed it's decor since the mid-80's. The customers sort of reflected the decor... which Luis got a real kick out of.

The closer SDGT got to the game store, they began seeing more young adults and teens on their phones, people they couldn't really identify age wise... sitting in a circle playing card games on the floor and adults walking little kids in and out of the store.

Look at that guy. - Luis D. Lucha

Luis saw an elderly man with his pants pulled up over his tummy wearing a polo tee with a fairly thick sleeveless sweater vest.

Damn he's gotta be hot. - Luis D. Lucha

Shhh, at least say it quietly. - Yang

But it's like 150 degrees outside. - Luis D. Lucha

It's hot, but come on... he might get cold easy. - Blu

I would like to have his problem right now. - Luis D. Lucha

You don't not know why he gets cold so easily. - Blu

Exactly. - Yang

Yeah, I take that back but he could at least pull his pants down a tad. - Luis D. Lucha

Luis looked up as if he was canceling out some sort of bad request as they proceeded to the game store.

What?! They're still trying to sell Wii U for $250? - Blu

Games are still coming out for it, but they really have to bring that price down. - Yang

Yeah, especially if they want to... get rid of the remaining stock they have. - RkRk

Might as well just wait and get the Switch after saving some money. - Luis D. Lucha

I hope they release all those Wii U games on Nintendo Switch, or that would be such a waste. - RkRk

They can keep some of them, but that would make sense... for the best sellers. - Blu

"That would be cool," said a kid who overheard the conversation.

I guess some others can be released too, but a crowdfund could work to cover those. - Blu

"Call of Duty," said the kid who had come closer to listen in.

Yeah, I would rather have Metroid Prime 4. - Luis D. Lucha

"I want Call of Duty," said the kid, who seemed as if he was ready to go toe to toe in a shouting match with Luis. Luis looked at him and turned his attention back to the team.

They can release COD, but I want Metroid Prime 4 and it better be good. It better be amazing you know? - Luis D. Lucha

I would be interested in that, bring back the isolated levels and increasing challenges. - Yang

Personally, the isolation would be okay in certain areas, but I'd like to see a lot more depth. Other M showed some desirable things, but I want to see how Metroid Prime can take story, adventure, challenges, isolation, visuals and beautiful audio and present something new on the Nintendo Switch. So isolation would be great, but... variety would increase the interest for me. Isolation can be experienced in older games. - Blu

That's what Metroid is known for, but the change could be a plus. - Yang

Think of a Metroid Prime that has the depth of Tomb Raider but in its own unique way. That's all, I want amazing experiences from IPs that I know can reach that level of epic. - Blu

I wish that... ummm... who is that? - RkRk

Just as RkRk got ready to give his input, he saw a man walk past the game store. The man was wearing a trench coat covered in all sorts of unknown patterns, and a well-groomed beard. He was wearing a had that almost looked like a bowl with beads around the edge. RkRk has seen weird, but this was weird enough to catch his eye.

RkRk began walking over, and as you know... if anyone looks as if they've seen a ghost and others are around, chances are they're going to also try and take a look.

"All I see is materialism. Makes me SICK! This mall is full of people only concerned with themselves and the things they want. Buying overpriced food while the homeless sit outside being ignored. I've worked in this mall for 14 years and I had to quit my job because the manager at GoodWokz decided I couldn't have the time off to bury my dad.

I've had it! But alas, its time for me to laugh as you cry." said the man the trench coat.

Just as he finished saying his piece... you heard the clinging of metal. Not like two dinner forks clinging together, not even pots and pans clanging. I'm talking some heavy duty steel. SDGT made a run for it with Blu ahead of the pack.

WTF is going on? - Luis D. Lucha

I don't know but we don't want to be here if this guy's going postal. - Blu

LOOK! - RkRk

The hurricane-resistant security doors were rolling down blocking the doors and the sunlight.

Holy _____! He's trying to trap us in! - Luis D. Lucha

Blu made a last-ditch attempt to make a way for them to escape by taking a trashcan and hurling it towards the double glass doors. The doors opened partially with the trashcan resting on its side in between them, but it wasn't good enough to block the gate from coming down. It would've worked, but the gate was past the point of being blocked as the doors were pushed back shut.

Dammit! - Blu

Oh my God. - Yang

As the gate came to a complete close, the man in the trenchcoat said the following, "Now that we're nice and cozy, let the pain begin." SDGT ducked behind corner near the bathrooms as they prepared for the sounds of gunfire or a potential explosion. Instead, the lights went out... and the screams turned on.

"Arise my minions", yelled the man in the trenchcoat.

Although RkRk had clearly pointed out a place to hide, everyone wanted to see these... minions. The man in the trench coat didn't disappoint because without delay a bunch of red lights appeared in the darkness.

WTF? - Luis D. Lucha

Mall-goers began providing light via their phones to make out where the light was coming from. Like something out of a horror movie... the light was coming from mannequins who began beating on the glass of the storefront windows.

"Hahaha feel the wrath of the Mall Rat Exterminator," said... the ummm self-proclaimed Mall Rat Exterminator.

No, you're supposed to come through the doors, you idiots! - Mall Rat Exterminator

We really need to hide. - Luis D. Lucha

Over here. - RkRk

The emergency lights came on, which brought a bit of relief but... just before Blu and Yang made their way to the restroom area, they saw one of the mannequins knock a 300lb man unconscious. Was he truly 300lbs? Who knows, he was a big guy and he dropped like a fly, so... that's all they needed to see.

As he dropped, the mannequin in turned its head towards the area where they were hiding. Blu and Yang were running as fast as they could go, but if they ran across to the men's bathroom where RkRk and Luis were... they'd surely be seen. So instead they ducked around the corner where the women's bathroom was since it was directly across. The mannequin looked for about 10 seconds standing lifeless like he should always stand, and it was about to turn away... but a woman opened the door to the restroom and sort of squeaked when she saw the guys hiding.

Shhhh. There is an attack on the mall. - Yang

"Are you kidding me?!" said the woman, who went almost bugged eyed after the response. RkRk was peeking out of the bathroom door.

What's up? - RkRk

It's coming, it's coming. Hide. - Blu

Yang assured the woman that they were only entering the bathroom for safety as SDGT found a place to hide. Believe it or not, you could hear the thing coming because it had a metal base on the bottom of its feet that made a clanking noise. You could tell it was getting closer and closer and by then the guys had used a phone app that allows them to use their phones as walkies.

What in the hell are we going to do?! - Luis D. Lucha

Just stay calm, and go into the handicap stall. Put your phones on silent. - Blu

Luis went over to the stall, but the door was locked. "It's occupied," said a guy in the stall taking a dump.

You've gotta be kidding me? - Luis D. Lucha

Dude, something is going on in the mall and we need to hide in here. - RkRk

The guy wasn't going to take a break from this process to step off the porcelain throne, so they went into another stall and hid. Meanwhile, in the women's bathroom, Blu and Yang quickly informed the woman of what occurred as they made their way into the ceiling.

I pray there are no rats or roaches up here. - Blu

They slid the ceiling tile back, and sort of just as the mannequin hit the door making its way it. It walked sort of like it was straddling a horse, and moved towards the stalls in a frantic way to find anyone it could harm.

You hear that? - Yang

"I'm scared," said the woman.

Shhh, I think the men's bathroom is this way. If we go straight that should be the handicap stall. - Blu

They tapped on the ceiling tile a few times but got no answer. So they slid it to look inside.

"Hey, what's wrong with you people!" shouted the man taking a dump.

OMG dude, shut the hell up. The mall is under attack. - Luis D. Lucha

Yang was closer to the ceiling tiles where Luis and RkRk were, so he begins sliding one.

Up here, quick. - Yang

"What?!" yelled the man in shock about what he just heard. He begins the process of cleaning up, but only after he alerted the mannequin to their whereabouts.

It moved even quicker but ran into a snag with the bathroom door since it opened inward and not outward. The mannequin began banging on the door and started demolishing it within a matter of seconds. This was going on as Luis and RkRk successfully made it up into the ceiling area.

"Take me with you, hey, please I have a wife and a newborn at home" yelled the man.

I'm pulling you up, but you need to shut up and stop talking so loud bro. - Luis D. Lucha

The man makes his way up to the top of the toilet and the banging across the hall stopped, followed by small tinks and tonks.

I think it got out. - Blu

Yes... it did get out and made its way directly into the men's bathroom. It hit the door so hard the handle was impaled into the wall and the guy began kicking his legs in a panic, which caused him to slip down a bit.

I can't pull you up like this. - Luis D. Lucha

They were in the 3rd stall next to the last one, which was still steaming from the guy's number two. The doors were being bashed through quickly, and the second door woke up RkRk as he jumped down to help pull the guy up. He had the guy's pant leg as he was pulled up... just barely missing a bone breaking backhand by the mannequin.

Seemed like they were home free, but RkRk was still leaning down in grabbing distance of the mannequin. So the thing reached out to grab him as he quickly moved his arms to avoid being grabbed. Seemed successful, but the mannequin got a piece of his shirt and began pulling.

Hell no! - Luis D. Lucha

No! - Blu

OMG! - Yang

The guy sort of stood back with a worried look on his face, but Luis began chewing him out to help as a result of this happening because they helped him. The four-man team did the trick as they begin turning the tug of war into a successful retrieval. They pulled and RkRk used the grip of the mannequin to get out of his shirt. I guess they didn't have the ability to jump, so after SDGT closed the ceiling tile, it turned away and exited the bathroom after a minute of blank staring.

I was almost a goner. Hehe - RkRk

(RkRk laughs nervously.)

Yeah, no thanks to this d-bag. I swear to God dude if anything would've happened... - Luis D. Lucha

"I'm sorry, I... I... just panicked." said the man.

It all worked out. Now our next move is to get the hell out of here. - Blu

And it will take level heads to do that. - Yang

Exactly. - Blu

To Be Continued...

Brought to you by... SDGT Ent!